Sell a Business

Business owners are passionate about their business, customers, employees, and their net worth. Our job is to find a buyer for your company that shares your passion and will fairly compensate you for the company that you have built. Our goal is to handle the complexities and noise of searching for the right buyer and completing the transaction so that you can stay focused on running and growing your business.

When you choose Murphy Business Sales as your business selling broker, you’re opting for the full-service approach. Our clients enjoy:

  • An initial consultation and business valuation
  • A confidential marketing of your business
  • A thorough screening of prospective buyers.
  • Buyer access to your information at your pace and agreement
  • Counseling about vetting offers and making counter offers
  • Assistance during due diligence and closing

Additionally, we have spent the last 20 years developing a large pool of buyers, who represent not only the Southeast but the entire continental U.S. This allows our clients to have rich opportunities to entice prospective buyers.

To maximize your business’ opportunities to court prospective buyers, we’ll put together a professional presentation on your business that includes your company history, financial statements, images, and other pertinent information for buyers regarding the strengths of your business. This presentation will only be released to potential buyers once they’ve signed a confidentiality agreement.