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Thinking of selling your North Carolina business? Achieve optimal outcomes with Murphy Business, a leading business brokerage and M&A advisory firm.

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    Why Choose Murphy Business for Your NC Business Sale?

    • Extensive Experience & Proven Track Record: With over $3.6 billion in closed deals across diverse industries, our award-winning team delivers exceptional results.
    • Local Expertise, National Network: Our Carolina Business Broker Team understands the nuances of the NC market, backed by the strength of a 120+ office network across North America.
    • Tailored Solutions for Your Needs: Whether you own a main street business in Wilmington or a lower middle-market company in Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, or New Bern, we create personalized strategies to maximize your success.
    • Data-Driven Approach: We leverage advanced analytics to accurately value your business, identify hidden opportunities, and inform strategic decision-making.
    • Comprehensive Support Throughout the Process: From business valuation and exit planning to targeted marketing and expert negotiation, we guide you every step of the way.


    Exclusive Deal Opportunity: $5M+ Revenue Prefabricated Building Company for Sale (NC) – Strong Financials

    Market Leader Prefabricated Building Market Murphy Business is proud to present an exclusive acquisition opportunity for a leader in the prefabricated building industry: a well-established Prefabricated Module Construction and Sales Company located in North Carolina....

    Is It Time to Exit Your Construction & Ag Dealership? Nationally Ranked Dealer Seeks Acquisitions

    The construction and agricultural equipment dealership market is experiencing a red-hot M&A wave. Driven by strong industry trends and consolidation, established dealerships like yours are in high demand. This could be your chance to capitalize on your success and...

    Established Franchise Opportunity in the Growing Mobility & Accessibility Market

    Murphy Business Sales - Triangle and Eastern North Carolina is proud to present an exclusive opportunity to acquire a thriving, multi-location mobility and accessibility franchise business. This established leader offers immediate access to a lucrative market, with...
    Propane Distribution & Gas Appliance Services

    Exclusive Acquisition Opportunity: Established Eastern North Carolina Propane Distributor

    Well-established distributor and service provider ready to fuel your growth. Offered Price: $2,340,000 + estimated $462,000 for real estate. Established and Diversified: Founded in 1999 with a strong track record in Eastern North Carolina. Dual revenue...

    Optimal Bio Ventures into Strategic Acquisitions: A New Chapter of Growth

    Optimal Bio, a leading provider of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), is excited to announce its venture into strategic acquisitions, marking a significant milestone in the company's growth trajectory. Led by CEO Tylar Brannon, Optimal Bio is committed...

    Chapel Hill Tire Drives Forward in 6-Year Partnership with Murphy Business Sale

    Chapel Hill Tire, a key player in the automotive industry, proudly continues its alliance with Murphy Business Sales – Triangle & Eastern NC, serving as the exclusive M&A Advisor for the sixth year. This reaffirmed commitment underscores Chapel Hill Tire's...

    EVENT: M&A Insights for Wealth Managers & Financial Planners

    M&A Insights for Wealth Managers & Financial Planners Growth and Exit Strategies for your Clients  Join Live Oak Bank and Murphy Business for an exclusive event on  February 9th, 2024, at Live Oak Headquarters, Wilmington, NC. If you're a Wealth Manager or...

    2024 M&A Outlook: Seizing Opportunities Amid Election-Year Uncertainty

    “Amidst increasing rates and political uncertainty, owners are not merely adapting to change; they are utilizing it as a pathway to opportunity, positioning 2024 as a favorable time for those considering business sales.” 2024 M&A Outlook: Seizing Opportunities...

    From Insights to Impact: Maximizing Your Business Value

    From Insights to Impact: Maximizing Your Business Value An M&A Advisor’s Keys to Optimize Business Value The true worth of your company lies in the eyes of the acquirer. A potential buyer may view your customer base as a highly valuable asset, fostering avenues...

    Avoiding Pitfalls in Business Sales for Successful Exits

    Whether you're a business owner with a company generating $1 million or $25 million in annual sales, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you anticipate selling your business one day and reaping the rewards of your hard work. Imagine when the time comes to sell, you...

    Recent M&A Transactions

    Murphy M&A Deal Team Podcast #8 – Successful Transaction: Commercial Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems Company

    Location: Richmond, VA Industry: Commercial Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems EBITDA: $400K EBITDA Multiple: 5.4 Transaction Amount (Business): $2.15M Lead Advisor: Michael Metzger Maximizing Gains: How the M&A Competitive Bid Process Secured an Extra $600k for a...

    Murphy M&A Deal Team Podcast #7 – Driving Growth: Chapel Hill Tire’s Roll-Up Strategy Unveiled

    Industry: Tire & Auto Service Centers Location: North Carolina Industry Roll-Up: $10M+ M&A Advisor: Tully Ryan In this episode of the M&A Deal Team Podcast, we sat down with Marc Pons, CEO of Chapel Hill Tire, for a deep dive into entrepreneurship,...

    Murphy M&A Deal Team Podcast #6 – Successful Transaction: Oil Field Services Equipment Manufacturer

    Industry: Machine Shop (Oil Field Services Equipment Manufacturer) Location: Houston, Texas EBITDA: $2.3M EBITDA Multiple: $3.8 M&A Advisor: Steve Herrera In this episode of the M&A Deal Team Podcast, we explore the intricacies of selling a Machine Shop...

    Murphy M&A Deal Team Podcast #5- Successful Transaction in Roofing & Restoration Services Industry with Doug Batts

    Industry: Commercial & High-End Residential Roofing and Restoration company. Location: Texas EBITDA: $1.212M EBITDA Multiple: No List Price Offered Transaction Amount: $6.325M M&A Advisor: Doug Batts In this episode of the M&A Deal Team Podcast, we explore...

    Murphy M&A Deal Team Podcast #4: 14 Transactions in the Franchise Automotive Dealership Vertical

    Industry: Franchise Automotive Dealerships Location: United States EBITDA: $500K to $2.5M EBITDA Multiple: Varies depending on brand and geography as well as other factors – 3x to 8x Transaction Amount (Include Business & Real Estate): $2M to $7M+ M&A Advisor:...

    Murphy M&A Deal Team Podcast #3: Navigating Seller Expectations and Working with Different Types of Buyers in M&A

    Industry: General Location: US M&A Advisor: Ron Buck Introduction: In the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), understanding seller expectations and effectively working with different types of buyers is crucial for a successful transaction. In this episode...

    Murphy M&A Deal Team Podcast #2: A Successful Environmental Services Transaction

    Industry: Environmental Services / Stormwater Management and Monitoring Services Location: Southeast US EBITDA: When listed $763k Transaction Amount: Last Listed at $2.65 million M&A Advisor: Ron Buck Introducing Podcast #2 - The M&A Deal Team Podcast: A...

    Murphy M&A Deal Team Podcast #1: Selling A Waste Management Container Company

    Industry: Waste Management/Hauling Location: Southeast US Guest M&A Advisor: Jesse Stone Transaction: $5M The success of this M&A transaction in the waste management sector exemplifies the importance of thorough planning, clear communication, and a...

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    Our Perspective

    Sell Your Business with Confidence

    Unlocking full business sale potential requires more than just finding a buyer. Leverage our extensive real-world experience and advanced analytics for data-driven M&A solutions tailored to maximize your sale price and minimize risk. We stay current on market trends and use sophisticated data analysis to:

    • Uncover hidden value opportunities
    • Understand your competitive landscape
    • Inform strategic deal structuring
    • Target marketing efforts
    • Negotiate effectively

    Achieve your exit goalstransition ownership, secure funding, or pursue strategic objectives. Contact us for a free consultation and discover how our data-driven M&A blueprint helps you sell your business with confidence.


    Unlocking full business sale potential requires more than just finding a buyer. At Murphy Business we leverage extensive real-world experience and advanced analytics to deliver data-driven M&A solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Our expertise sets us apart:

    • Deep Industry Insights: We stay current on market trends & valuations across sectors, providing a clear picture of your competitive landscape & valuation potential.
    • Advanced Analytics: We utilize sophisticated tools to uncover valuable business performance, market dynamics, & buyer behavior insights.
    • Actionable Strategies: We translate data into strategic deal structuring, targeted marketing, & effective negotiation strategies.

    This data-driven approach allows us to:

    • Maximize Your Sale Price: We identify and leverage hidden value opportunities, helping you secure the best possible outcome in the M&A marketplace.
    • Minimize Risk & Uncertainty: Using data-powered insights, we mitigate risks and streamline the M&A process for a more efficient & transparent experience.
    • Achieve Your Exit Goals: Whether seeking ownership transition, funding, or strategic objectives, we work with you to achieve your desired business exit goals.

    Ready to explore the power of data-driven M&A? Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our blueprint for success can help you sell your business with confidence.