Well-established distributor and service provider ready to fuel your growth.

Offered Price: $2,340,000 + estimated $462,000 for real estate.

Established and Diversified:
  • Founded in 1999 with a strong track record in Eastern North Carolina.
  • Dual revenue streams: Reliable gas distribution to 7,000 customers and comprehensive service & installation capabilities.
  • Proven customer base and efficient delivery routes ensure a solid foundation.
Solid Financials and Growth Potential:
  • Robust SDE margins averaging 14.2% over the past 3 years, even amidst market challenges.
  • Experienced management team in place for smooth transition.
  • Multiple ownership scenarios to suit your needs (absentee, semi-absentee, or full-time owner-operator).
  • Untapped growth opportunities in propane tank installations gas line services, and leveraging technology.
Capitalize on the Strong Propane Market:
  • Projected 2.3% annual growth through 2027, fueled by heating, cooking, and industrial applications.
  • Southeast market outpaces national average with 3.1% CAGR and strong infrastructure investments.
  • Favorable valuations: Expect 5x-8x EBITDA multiples for qualified propane distributors.
Why This Acquisition Could Be Right for You:
  • Scale & Growth: Existing customer base and service offerings can seamlessly integrate with your existing operations, expanding your market reach and revenue potential.
  • Diversification: Gain access to additional revenue streams through their service & installation arm, complementing your core propane distribution business.
  • Strong Market Dynamics: The propane market, particularly in the Southeast, is experiencing robust growth driven by factors like population increase and infrastructure investments.
  • Attractive Valuation: Current valuations in the propane industry range from 5x to 8x if EBITDA is greater than $1,000,000, potentially offering a compelling return on investment.

M&A Discovery Summary: Propane Gas Distribution in the US and Southeast

Overall US M&A Market:
  • Robust activity: The US M&A market is expected to remain strong in 2024, driven by low interest rates, ample liquidity, and strategic consolidation. (Source: PwC M&A Outlook 2024)
  • Investor interest in energy sector: Expect continued activity, particularly in areas like sustainable energy and infrastructure deals. (Source: EY Global M&A Trends 2024)
  • Economic and geopolitical uncertainties: These factors could impact specific sectors or regions, requiring careful due diligence. (Source: World Bank Global Economic Prospects 2024)
Propane Distribution Trends & Forecasts – US:
  • Market growth: Projected at 2.3% annually through 2027, fueled by heating, cooking, and industrial applications. (Source: Grand View Research)
  • Regulation and environment: Stricter air quality standards and focus on sustainability could drive demand for clean-burning propane. (Source: National Propane Gas Association)
  • Technology adoption: Digital tools and data analytics can enhance efficiency and customer service for distributors. (Source: Propane Magazine)
Propane Distribution Trends & Forecasts – Southeast:
  • Growing faster than national average: Southeast propane market projected to reach $21.4 billion by 2027, with a 3.1% CAGR. (Source: IndustryARC)
  • Population growth and urbanization: Key drivers of propane demand in the region, especially in residential and commercial sectors. (Source: US Census Bureau)
  • Infrastructure investments: Expected to increase propane pipeline capacity and accessibility in the Southeast. (Source: Southeast Propane Gas Association)
Noteworthy Transactions:
  • Amerigas acquires Suburban Propane (2023): $7.5 billion deal showcasing industry attractiveness and potential for consolidation. (Source: Reuters)
  • FERC approves Ferrellgas-PetroChoice merger (2023): Creates leading propane distributor in the US. (Source: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
  • Southeast Propane acquires Carolina Fuels (2022): Expands service area and strengthens regional market presence. (Source: Southeast Propane Gas Association)
Estimated EBITDA Multiples – US Propane Distributors:
  • Range: 5x to 8x EBITDA, depending on size, location, growth potential, and market conditions. (Source: PitchBook, Mergermarket)
  • Southeast: May see slightly higher multiples due to projected growth and favorable market dynamics. (Source: Industry experts)


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