Optimal Bio, a leading provider of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), is excited to announce its venture into strategic acquisitions, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory. Led by CEO Tylar Brannon, Optimal Bio is committed to revolutionizing preventative healthcare by optimizing hormone health and fostering patient relationships.

“Our decision to explore strategic acquisitions aligns with our mission of enhancing well-being and driving innovation in the healthcare sector,” stated CEO Tylar Brannon. “By expanding our footprint through acquisitions, we aim to further our reach and impact, ultimately providing holistic care to a broader audience.”

Optimal Bio’s expansion strategy underscores its dedication to patient-centric care, operational excellence and a mission-driven approach. With a focus on enhancing the patient experience and delivering exceptional outcomes, Optimal Bio has become a trusted provider of BHRT across its eight locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.

“In selecting Murphy Business as our exclusive buy-side advisor, we are confident in their expertise and ability to guide us through this exciting phase of growth,” remarked CEO Tylar Brannon. “Together, we are poised to identify strategic partners that share our values and vision, driving mutual success and innovation in the healthcare landscape.”

Optimal Bio’s journey from a small practice to a leading provider of BHRT is a testament to its commitment to patient care, excellence, and, innovation. As the company prepares to open its Austin location in Q1 2024, it remains steadfast in its mission to optimize hormone health, transform patient care, and create a healthier tomorrow for all.

About Optimal Bio: Specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), has achieved significant growth, expanding to eight locations in just four years. Renowned for its steadfast dedication to patient well-being, organizational culture, and operational excellence, Optimal Bio leads the charge in healthcare innovation. BHRT, mirroring the body’s natural hormone production, offers a holistic approach to addressing various health concerns, including fatigue, brain fog, sleep irregularities, and anxiety and depression. Moreover, BHRT serves as preventive care as it may help protect from conditions such as dementia, cardiovascular issues, and osteoporosis. Originating in 2012 with The Youth Institute, where Dr. Brannon initiated BHRT treatments for GYN patients, Optimal Bio has undergone remarkable growth, rebranding in 2019 and expanding its reach to multiple locations. The recent expansion into Austin, Texas in early 2024 highlights the company’s commitment to continuous growth and pioneering healthcare solutions. With a monthly patient volume surpassing 1,000 and an impressive retention rate nearing 97%, Optimal Bio is poised for further achievements in the dynamic healthcare arena.