As dedicated professionals in Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Accounting, and Business Law, you understand the significance of safeguarding your clients’ financial well-being. Because you are a trusted adviser, clients may naturally turn to you when they consider selling their businesses. While it’s not often practical to single-handedly navigate a transaction yourself, you can still play a pivotal role and add tremendous value by partnering with an M&A Advisor.

Here are some critical questions that illustrate why collaboration with M&A Advisors

is a strategic move for both you and your clients:

  1. How much time do you have to devote to helping your client sell their business?
    A sale is a delicate, complicated and time-intensive process. Partnering with an experienced M&A Advisors will enable you to offer your clients’ specialized services – such as developing an Exit Strategy and determining a Market Business Valuation – without diverting your attention from your primary role.
  2. How important is achieving the best price when your client sells their business?
    Many financial advisors focus on helping clients’ develop future plans based on the sale of their business so it is essential to get the optimum price. Collaborating with the M&A advisors who are aware of market trends and have expertise in business valuation, ensures that your clients maximize their greatest asset.
  3. Are you prepared to deal with headaches and disappointments that might arise?
    80% of Businesses never sell. Imagine dealing with an anxious or impatient client as they try to sell their business!M&A Advisors have access to potential buyers and marketing strategies that as a financial professional you understandably would not have.Not only can you harness the ability of an M&A Advisor to find a qualified buyer, but you can leverage the experience of the M&A Advisor who can navigate the potholes and speed bumps that might interfere with a smooth sale.

    By teaming up, you decrease your stress while increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

  4. Are you sure that your clients are properly prepared to sell their business for Maximum Value?
    As a financial professional, you work with a myriad of clients – many may not be business owners considering selling their business.  But M&A Advisors focus exclusively on clients who want to sell or expand a business.  You can connect your clients with an M&A Advisor who will help them understand the process and most importantly ensure that they know what they can do to increase the value of their business.

By building a team of professionals around your clients, you demonstrate your commitment to their financial success. But the synergy doesn’t stop there. Collaborating with a trusted and experienced M&A advisor takes your client relationships to the next level:

Enhanced Expertise: Leverage the specialized knowledge and experience of M&A advisors to ensure your clients’ business exits are meticulously planned and executed.

Maximized Outcomes: The strategic partnership of professional advisors and M&A experts maximizes the value, minimizing risks, and optimizing the outcome of your clients’ business exit endeavors.

Holistic Financial Well-being: Collaborating with M&A advisors reinforces your dedication to holistic financial well-being, empowering your clients for seamless business transitions and unlocking the genuine value of their ventures.

As professionals who prioritize your clients’ prosperity, combining your expertise with the specialized support of Murphy Business M&A creates a powerful force, turning complex business exits into successful and rewarding endeavors. Partner with us and empower your clients to take their business exits to new heights.


About Murphy Business:
Murphy Business is a leading provider of tailored business intermediary and M&A services for owners of large main street and lower middle-market businesses. With a focus on businesses generating between $1 million and $25 million in revenue, Murphy Business has handled engagements in excess of $3.1 billion across various industries in North America. Their experienced deal team assists owners in achieving their personal objectives by offering creative, value-maximizing solutions for exiting their businesses. Whether business owners are ready to sell their business, create an exit or succession plan, or find the right buyer, Murphy Business is here to help.